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Flame recoating treatment

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Luxuryspa S.r.l. is the supplier and offers 5 year Limited Warranty to the Customer that for the herein described Project installations have been manufactured without defect.

When these products are applied with written installation procedures, surface deterioration will be limited as defined in the following Section II, and any defective materials will be replaced by Luxuryspa S.r.l. as defined below for a period of up to 5 years from the date of installation.

This Limited Warranty includes the following:
A. Chemical Resistant- Will not significantly deteriorate due to exposure to appropriate swimming pool chernistry conditions.
B. Chalk Resistant- Colors will not chalk.
C. Crack Resistant.
D. Spali Resistant- This product chernically bonds to the surface and is resistant to spalling or delamination.
E. Stain-Resistant. Resists organic stains. (Stain resistant does not mean stain-proof)

This Limited Warranty does not cover failure caused by improper prepping of the surface, or cleaning of a surface which is not approved methods of Luxuryspa S.r.l. Warranty does not cover coatings which have lost adhesion; fire, hail (or other acts of God); vandalism or abuse and/or neglected by customers, or, causes other than defects in the materials.

This warranty does not cover deterioration, scratches, or wear caused by the user's post installation of equipment, fittings, fumiture, or any other physical abuse of the finish.

This limited warranty will apply only upon the condition that the following procedures have been strictly adhered approved methods.

Luxuryspa S.r.l. will not be responsible for accidental or consequential damage caused thereby.

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