Health Care division

A sanitation solution with an established prevention protocol targeted to inactivate a large spectrum of pathogens, including Covid-19

Luxuryspa Health Care Division has been practicing the sanitation and disinfection of air and surfaces for years, particularly in hospitals (e.g. surgical rooms), retirement homes, pharmaceutical industries (e.g. white rooms), etc., as well as in the cruise industry, serving the worldwide best-known companies.

As it can be easily assumed, according to the forecasts of the leading experts on this issue, the problem of Covid-19 and the consequent prevention and sanitation of environments and surfaces, will not be limited to this year of the emergency but it will also be present in the medium and long term, until a final pharmaceutical and immune mitigation is reached.

Therefore we would like to present the Luxuryspa Health Care Division products and treatments, highlighting its long experience over time.

Unlike many operators that are still offering sanitation through spraying methods performed by using hypochlorite, chlorine or ozone, Luxuryspa Health Care Division recommends a very good device, Felmar®, for the dry and odourless aerosolisation combined with the use of the disinfectant Rely+On Virkon™, a Medical-Surgical Device (Registration no. 16765, Ministry of Health), which has recently obtained a certification for the inactivation of Covid-19, as well as of several other pathogens.
The Luxuryspa Health Care Division sanitation method is the one performed in the surgical rooms of many Italian hospitals.

Protocol in use

– Treatment of environments with dry aerosol (it does not damage metal furniture, fabrics, leather, wood and electronic devices),
– Use of a certified non-toxic medical-surgical device for the inactivation of Covid-19,
– Dry aerosolisation that guarantees total and homogeneous distribution of the disinfectant on every surface, as well as in the air up to a height of 6-7 metres,
– Targeted treatment on high-risk surfaces in constant and/or frequent contact with hands such as light switches, computer keyboards, mice, telephones, remote controls, lockers, printers, toilets taps, coffee machines, door handles, etc.,
– The product applied is guaranteed by ISO quality certifications for the prevention of pathogens proliferation.